Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Harper Blynn -- loving it.

I just wanted to share that a band that I am currently listening to and loving! Their name is Harper Blynn. I saw them open for Wakey!Wakey! and they were really good. I went and bought their CD from them (signed and everything!). They have a soulful sound and can sing everything from a lovely twist on the song "Halo" (Beyonce Cover) to the bouncy upbeat original tune: "Loneliest Generation"

Here's a little taste of their sound

I also took some picture of them while I was at the show, thought i would share them with you. I really recommend checking these guys out. They are the real deal.

Harper Blynn, Guitar - iLounge 06.19.10

Harper Blynn - iLounge 06.19.10

Harper Blynn, Getting Ready - iLounge 06.19.10

Enjoy my lovelies!

dresses oh my!

It is definitely that time of year when I want to just break out and wear dresses all the time! Unfortunately I have to wear steel toes at work (even though I work in an office) and steel toes and a dress don't work out to well. But sometimes...I rock it anyways. Just because...I love dresses. Sometimes i wish they made high heels in steel toes...hehe....here are some dresses I want for the season! I think that empire waists look best on me. And oh the lavender!
All of them are Faith 21....love it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

gold...and beth ditto.

I think I may have a current obsession with GOLD.
I am really REALLY loving it. I want to go buy a disco ball dress (yes that is a technical term) of GOLD! yes.
I love this one. Its the perfect balance of black and gold. Sadly it only goes up to a size medium...and guess what...that is DEFINITELY not large enough! Perhaps I can find one in the plus size fashion world.

I am currently also loving the song: Heavy Cross by Gossip. Beth Ditto's voice is so unique. And she is such a confident, strong, cool women who is always looking hip. In the video for Heavy Cross there is tons of gold. Maybe that's why I am liking it so much. Just gold glitter EVERYWHERE.

Makes one feel glamorous doesn't it?