Saturday, December 18, 2010


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Friday, December 3, 2010


Have been doing some research into banksy. i have a thing for graffiti and street art. My friend bought me a collective of banksy's work a while ago. I find him so interesting. I cant imagine that he has never been seen doing any of his works though......fascinating.

Banksy - I remember when this was all trees

he's a ghost.
so weird....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Current Music Obsessions

So i have a couple of new obsessions. I have been doing a lot of VEVO surfing. This is my new favorite website. I have a soft spot for music videos.

Obsession in Music #1: Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi has such a fresh sound. I love that he works with artists like MGMT and Ratatat (Pursuit of Happiness) but also works with rap giants like Kanye West and Common. I think that he puts a lovely twist on rap music. He has great style, and lets be honest he's quite attractive. I enjoy how he samples other songs in his music as well, for example Poker Face by Lady Gaga. All in all I enjoy every bit of Kid Cudi...and you should too. I believe that he will be a serious influence on the future of rap music. This video is "Pursuit of Happiness" with MGMT and Ratatat. I feel that we all feel like this video sometimes. Sometimes everything around us in slow motion, and we are moving at the speed of light trying to find ourselves. I also enjoy the little Drake cameos. Oh yeah!

Obsession in Music #2: California Ska Punk Bands

I am just so happy to hear that Rome has joined forces with Sublime. I know they have been together for a bit but hearing Rome on the Lay Me Down track by The Dirty Heads made me appreciate him a lot more. I am listening to a lot of old school Sublime, and The Dirty Heads. This is just feel good music, and you cannot help but smile when you hear their music! I can't wait to hear the new Sublime with Rome material!

Obsession in Music #3: Asher Roth

I have always had a little soft spot for Asher Roth. He is just so great. I love his rhymes. I enjoy that he has an "i don't really care what you think" attitude. I also love that he is young. I am really excited for his new album. The newest song of his "G.R.I.N.D." I find pretty inspiring. G.R.I.N.D. meaning "Get Ready Its a New Day". In this song he mentions that "Happiness is not about getting what you want all the time, it is about loving what you have." A philosophy that we takes a bit to learn, but would be awesome if we could live by it. This song has been on repeat for days on my iPod. I recommend a good listen. Sadly there is not video yet, but hopefully there will be soon!

Well that is that for music obsessions. There are other crushes on lyrical and melodical stylings but that will have to wait!

On a sidenote: what do people think of tumblr? I am thinking of switching over to Tumblr....
we'll see though.

Enjoy your day my lovelies.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sephora...i love you.

Just got a wonderful email from Sephora today. They are having VIB customer appreciate days from the 6th-8th. I am so excited. I have already got my eye on some things...
Limited Edition Kat Von D Palette...
Kat Von D's Adora Lipstick
Red Lips are always daring...Can't wait to wear it somewhere fun!

Buxom Mascara. BEST. MASCARA. EVER.
Need to stock up on this one!

Buxom Lashliner...
This is something I am excited about. I love lining my upper lash line in black liquid liner, so I am excited to try out a "gel" liner.

Anyways....the excitement here is too much for words! I haven't been into a Sephora since I stopped working at a mall about 3 months ago. But it has been saving me money, so I guess its a good thing.

This weekend should be a good one (on top of the Sephora sale). I'm going to see my best friends at home this weekend and that should be wonderful! I can't wait. Perhaps we'll go out dancing or something and I can wear something fabulous. What that something fabulous is, i may never know....god i need to go shopping.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Harper Blynn -- loving it.

I just wanted to share that a band that I am currently listening to and loving! Their name is Harper Blynn. I saw them open for Wakey!Wakey! and they were really good. I went and bought their CD from them (signed and everything!). They have a soulful sound and can sing everything from a lovely twist on the song "Halo" (Beyonce Cover) to the bouncy upbeat original tune: "Loneliest Generation"

Here's a little taste of their sound

I also took some picture of them while I was at the show, thought i would share them with you. I really recommend checking these guys out. They are the real deal.

Harper Blynn, Guitar - iLounge 06.19.10

Harper Blynn - iLounge 06.19.10

Harper Blynn, Getting Ready - iLounge 06.19.10

Enjoy my lovelies!

dresses oh my!

It is definitely that time of year when I want to just break out and wear dresses all the time! Unfortunately I have to wear steel toes at work (even though I work in an office) and steel toes and a dress don't work out to well. But sometimes...I rock it anyways. Just because...I love dresses. Sometimes i wish they made high heels in steel are some dresses I want for the season! I think that empire waists look best on me. And oh the lavender!
All of them are Faith it!

Monday, July 19, 2010

gold...and beth ditto.

I think I may have a current obsession with GOLD.
I am really REALLY loving it. I want to go buy a disco ball dress (yes that is a technical term) of GOLD! yes.
I love this one. Its the perfect balance of black and gold. Sadly it only goes up to a size medium...and guess what...that is DEFINITELY not large enough! Perhaps I can find one in the plus size fashion world.

I am currently also loving the song: Heavy Cross by Gossip. Beth Ditto's voice is so unique. And she is such a confident, strong, cool women who is always looking hip. In the video for Heavy Cross there is tons of gold. Maybe that's why I am liking it so much. Just gold glitter EVERYWHERE.

Makes one feel glamorous doesn't it?