Thursday, March 11, 2010


Being on Truth Explosion Magazines website makes me want to go out and see some shows. I was looking at these pictures of Alexisonfire and they are just gorgeous!

The video is pretty heavy but i do like the imagery. When they are standing in the field of crosses I think it is amazing. I will have to watch it a few more times I it is though...

The Northern

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Dorothy Bubble Bar Cocktail!

We had such an exciting day at work today!! We got a bunch of new stuff in at Lush, including Dorothy Bubble Bar which smells amazing. It also is the prettiest shade of blue when you put it in the water. It just makes me feel happy! Me and my manager also put together a wonderful bath cocktail so I thought I would share it with you.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow

1-Vanilla Fountain Bath Ballistic
1 - Dorothy Bubble Bar
1/2 - Sunny Side Bubble Bar

Crumble your Dorothy bubble bar and your half of sunny side under running water. Add Vanilla Fountain bath ballistic and get ready to go to Emerald City in the great land of Oz. A beautiful relaxing bath that gives you a hint of whimzical with the wondeful gold sparkles!
You come out smelling like vanilla with a hint floral and citrus.
Your going to love it! Try it out!

Hope you enjoy that cocktail! Let me know if you try it out and give me some feedback! I can assure you the colour of the water will be amazing! It turns green just like an emerald!! I hope you like it! Maybe throw some Shimmy Shimmy on afterwards for an extra glowing touch....


me want me want!

So t0day has been a pretty good day. I am looking forward to the next couple of days off. I think i will go shopping. I am actually going to go vintage shopping. I live in a great little area where there are tons of Vintage shops. I really want some authentic vintage cowboy boots. I have been bidding on a pair on eBay. They are so pretty! I hope hope hope I get them!

I think I may try to put some things up on eBay. I am not sure exactly what I would sell, but I definitely feel I may be able to make some money. This may sound silly but I have a TON of Beanie Babies that I wouldn't mind getting rid of.....I wonder what they are going for now?

I also went into the Sunglass Hut the other day and have decided that I REALLY want these glasses. They look hot, and they are good for your eyes. Perhaps not the greatest for tan lines, but I guess I'll just have to remember to put lots of sunscreen on.
They are so expensive though. I guess that is the price to look cool, and be highly protected! I feel that Oakley is a good name in glasses. I feel they will be a good purchase......we'll see.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Goo Goo for GAGA!

I think that Lady Gaga is fabulous!

She just has everything for going for her right now! I just read an article about her in Cosmopolitan. I love reading the cover stories in Cosmo because they always have the hand written section of the piece. The part at the end where the celebrity fills out (in their own writing) a questionnaire. I love to see that Lady Gaga is so confident in herself and that she is herself and no one else. No matter how weird she dresses or how theatrical her shows may be, she rocks it...AND I LOVE IT!

Go listen to some GAGA -

Friday, March 5, 2010

new SHOES!

So today FINALLY my new shoes came in the mail. I ordered them online from Too Fast Cirque Couture, which is a really cool shop that specializes in Punk Clothing/Tattoo Clothing and Art. The shoes I ordered via Too Fast are made by Iron Fist one of my favorite companies to buy heels from! I think this is probably the most unique pair of shoes I own....ZOMBIE HEELS!

I am just so excited to wear these bad boys out somewhere. They are just so weird!! Love it!

I have been exploring the Too Fast website and I really want this:

I love gypsy artwork. It reminds me of myself. My friends call me a gypsy because I move around so frequently. That's just my life style I guess? I can't stay in one place very long or I get antsy! But I would love to move this piece of art around with me!

Listen to It!
Bouncing Souls: Hopeless Romantic
"I'm a hopeless romantic...
You're just hopeless!"

Monday, March 1, 2010

Lush: Happy Blooming

Thought i would do a quick review of a new product called Happy Blooming that we just got a Lush Handmade Cosmetics. I am working at Lush Canada at the moment, and we haven't gotten these little darlings yet, but they are coming friends no worries! My Manager brought back one of these little morsels of joy from a meeting that she had. Sadly i had to split it with three people so I only got a little piece!

Happy Blooming is a bath melt. Basically what a bath melt does is it emulsifies the water into a moisturizing bath of goodness! Happy Blooming smells like cherry lemonade (my favorite kind of lemonade) and the little bit I had seemed pretty moisturizing, but i just wanted more of it. I feel when I take another bath with this I'm going to use the whole thing! Because I am a LUSH like that!! (Oh im so witty! not!)

The cocoa butter in this leaves you feeling moisturized and soft and there is also a little added bonus! There is calamine powder in this melt!! It is going to leave your skin feeling so soothed! Calamine is going to bring down any redness or itchyness that you might have. I wish we would have had this little baby in the winter because right now my skin NEEDS IT!

If you want to purchase a Happy Blooming from the Lush UK website they are selling them HERE, if you want to wait for North America to get them, we should be getting them by the end of March!!

oh god i can't wait for spring! HAPPY BLOOMING EVERYONE!

Album Review: Break Up

Scarlett Johansson + Pete Yorn - Break Up

From beginning to end this album is incredible. Pure GOLD! Pete and Scarlett have produced an album that hits the hearts of everyone that has been through a breakup. It makes me feel that I am going through the motions of a relationship that has fallen apart. From the playful yet sure beats of "Relator" to the realization of longing for the one you lost in "I am the Cosmos" to the final step in a break up where you have let go: "Someday."

The song "Someday" has to be my favorite on the album.

"All I ask for is a state of mind
where i can keep myself in line
with all the changes and
all that stays the same,
i think i'll leave the past behind"

The song speaks to me in a way that nothing else does. I feel it defines many things that I need to conquer in my life at the moment.

This album has to be one of the most well put together and thought out albums I have ever heard. Every song is meaningful on its on, yet each one adds to the big picture. I have listened to this album over and over again, and have yet to grow tired of it. It is wonderful and I highly recommend putting it on your must have list!

An Inspiration...

Well it is time to start a blog.
I thought it was time for me to have one.
At this point, I am not exactly sure what to blog about. Mostly I think I will be blogging about my interests: Beauty, Fashion, Music, and General Life. I can't wait to get started and I am on my way! Thanks to my friend Katie for suggesting I start a blog! I feel I'm definetly going to enjoy this...

And begins.